1. disrupt - Chip on Fire / Jojo's Skank

  2. WaqWaq Kingdom live at Bassmæssage
    WaqWaq Kingdom

  3. Hissing Theatricals (re-issue)

  4. Omega Station

  5. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4
    Various Artists

  6. WaqWaq Kingdom EP
    WaqWaq Kingdom

  7. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 2 (LP re-issue)
    Various Artists

  8. One Shot Of Vodka
    Peter King

  9. Post Traumatic Dub
    Monkey Marc

  10. Dog Heart City
    Roger Robinson

  11. Shinsekai
    WaqWaq Kingdom

  12. The Organ Sessions
    Gl. Harlev Organ Orchestra

  13. Masters Of The Universe
    Bo Marley

  14. Outta Road / Dem A Fraud
    Red Robin

  15. Karma No Kusari
    Kiki Hitomi

  16. Danny Dread - Chatty Mouth Defeat

  17. Junior Cat - See Di Bobo Dread

  18. Dis Side Ah Town
    Roger Robinson

  19. Killah Tape EP

  20. Face & Sheenyboo - Dangerous

  21. Daddy Freddy - Long Way

  22. Dub Matrix With Stereo Sound

  23. March Of The Gremlins

  24. Nah Ina It EP

  25. Heidi Riddim

  26. Monkey Marc vs. The Planet Smashers
    Monkey Marc

  27. Where Is The Time EP

  28. Dancehall Hobby EP
    Mr. Williamz

  29. Tann Up Solid EP

  30. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  31. Music Addict EP
    Solo Banton

  32. Double Lock / Trouble Again

  33. Wonderland EP
    Black Chow

  34. No / Dancehall Nice Again
    Solo Banton

  35. I Am A Robot

  36. Rude Boy
    Hopeton Lindo

  37. Power In The Word EP
    Afrikan Simba

  38. Machines And Ghosts EP
    Illyah & Ltd. Candy

  39. The Bass Has Left The Building

  40. Bo Marley vs. disrupt

  41. Berzerk Dub / Echobombing

  42. Talk To Me
    Solo Banton

  43. Bauhelm / Fleisch
    Bo Marley vs. disrupt

  44. Downpressor Man
    Mikey Murka

  45. Elders

  46. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 1 (12inch)
    Various Artists

  47. Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 1
    Various Artists


Jahtari Leipzig, Germany

Space cadets.

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